Walter Mawby


Only one thing could stop Dallas businessman Walter Mawby in the midst of a busy day: atrial fibrillation.

"Sometimes he was short of breath, weak and tired," explains Walter's wife Marla. "He had a procedure for his A Fib five years ago but it was unsuccessful."

Following this unsuccessful attempt to find a cure, the couple spoke with a family friend, a physician who knew of electrophysiologist Andrea Natale, MD. Impressed with what they heard, they scheduled an appointment. In January 2009, Walter had the consult with Dr. Natale, followed by an ablation.

"Walter has been fine ever since then," Marla says. "He has much more energy. Before, he could not have caffeine or salt or spicy foods without going into A Fib. Now he can eat anything he wants."

Both Walter and Marla have only positive recollections regarding their experience with Dr. Natale.

"He is very professional, very warm," Walter says. "I own a big company and I deal with many people. He is one of the warmest doctors I have met."

The couple also speaks highly of nurse educator Jacquie Kin. "She is very thorough," Marla says. "She answers questions right away…she is great!"