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Cutting-edge. Precise. Effective.

The Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute combines leading-edge robotics, advanced mapping systems and advanced imaging technologies to provide our physicians rare access to a vast array of the latest diagnostic and treatment options for heart rhythm disorders.

TCAI is one of the world’s highest-volume users of robotic navigation, and one of only a few facilities to employ an array of these cutting-edge systems. As such, the Institute is firmly at the forefront of the development and deployment of this life-changing technology.

These extreme-high-tech tools give our electrophysiologists a rare level of precision and stability, enabling them to see and do things that were impossible only a few years ago. Additionally, these technologies can reduce radiation exposure, minimize complication risks and improve success rates.

Electrophysiology equipment

  • CardioLab Recording System
  • Niobe ES System
  • Odyssey Quad HD
  • CARTO 3
  • EnSite Precision
  • CryoConsole Cardiac Cryoablation System
  • SmartAblate
  • Ampere RF Ablation Generator
  • NRG RF Transseptal Needle

Imaging technology

  • Artis Zeego
  • Artis Zee
  • Allura Clarity FD 20 with FlexMove
  • Allura Xper FD 10
  • ACUSON SC2000 Ultrasound System
  • ACUSON SC2000 Prime
  • ViewMate Ultrasound Console
  • Vivid E9